About Our Hockey Program


At EDDIE CHOI HOCKEY INC. we believe that all players are unique in character and style. We work to maximize our hockey players’ talents to the fullest extent, encouraging their unique and individual statement on the ice. EDDIE CHOI HOCKEY INC. motivates and teaches students to become more effective team and individual hockey players.

Our commitment also extends to the environment in which players play and learn. Examples of our “100% All or Nothing” and “Academics and Athletics” philosophies are a combination of the following: the elimination of negative attitudes, the emphasis on the importance of discipline and increasing skills to allow players to play hockey to the best of their ability.

We think values are just as important as producing quality hockey players. Experience the challenge and take yourself to the limit at EDDIE CHOI HOCKEY INC.

Our Current Hockey Development Programs

Pre-Tryout Skills Camp

These sessions are tailored to help your player impress and excel at the upcoming Rep Tryouts. Learn More here.

Summer Hockey Program

Our Summer Hockey Program will enhance your players fitness level and hockey skills, while having fun with players of similar skill level. Learn More here.



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