Choosing the Right Hockey School

Choosing the Right Hockey School

Before choosing a hockey school make sure you do the following…

Define the issues:

  • I want to have fun playing hockey
  • I want to be a better hockey player

Get the Facts:

  • Eddie Choi is a qualified hockey instructor
  • Graduated from Ohio State University (U.S. College Division 1 NCAA program)
  • Played against top N.H.L. stars, including: Eric Lindros, Nelson Emerson, Rob Blake and others
  • Over 15 years of hockey school experience, including teaching clinics in Seoul (South Korea), the US and Doug Gilmour School in Toronto


  • Attend alternative hockey schools and see if you get real results
  • Compare the quality of instruction you are receiving to EDDIE CHOI HOCKEY INC.
  • Am I satisfied with my instructor and this hockey school?
  • Am I learning the correct way to skate, pass and shoot?
  • Does the instructor take the time to help me with my overall hockey performance?




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