Eddie’s Keys to Hockey Success

Eddie’s Keys to Success

Power Skating

Power skating is the essence of EDDIE CHOI HOCKEY INC. We specialize in techniques that provide a more efficient stride, quicker acceleration and improve both lateral and backward skating. This provides players with the skills to maximize their skating abilities.

Power Shooting

By focusing on the fundamentals of shooting we are able to improve a hockey player’s strength, control and accuracy for both forehand and backhand shots, creating a more confident player with an increased ability to score more goals.

Precision Passing

Students improve their passing through innovative techniques focusing on giving and receiving precision passes.

Puck Control

Concentration on controlled puck handling increases our students’ stick-handling abilities and improves hand-eye coordination.

Maximize Power & Performance

  • Handle the puck with more control
  • Pass with increased accuracy
  • Shoot to score with special techniques
  • Increase speed by learning the secret of Power Skating
  • Game sense strategy
  • 100% or Nothing!!
  • Player smarter…Not harder
  • Intangibles (4 D’s): Desire, Dedication, Determination and Discipline

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