Eddie Choi Hockey
“AROUND THE RINKS: Lots of kids took advantage of the March break by attending various hockey clinics. My youngest son Sean enjoyed Eddie Choi’s school at Chesswood, mainly because the numbers weren’t outrageous. More individual attention produces better effort and more development. It’s a lesson other schools should learn.”
Eddie Choi Hockey
“…You came through just as advertised. Five days of terrific, two hour clinics, relaying a great sense of enthusiasm instead of simply whistle blowing the boys through repetitive drills. It was obvious that my son was enjoying himself and more and more apparent as the week went on that the shooting and skating drills you’d been working at were beginning to take hold… Thank you for remembering what it is like to be just a kid having some fun.”
Eddie Choi Hockey
“…I wanted to formally let you know what a great job you’re doing as a hockey instructor and role model for my children and other hockey students. Your program teaches a number of lessons that can be used on the ice and in the rest of life such as:
  • Do the best at all times;
  • Be positive but don’t be afraid to attack your weaknesses;
  • Have fun through achievements;
  • Hard work pays off; and
  • Remember school and hockey are important.
I know that my three sons enjoy working with you and have developed greatly under your guidance. Keep up the great work and enthusiasm.

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